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......@@ -269,11 +269,11 @@ sign() {
# keep the clean manifest for later signing of NOC members and for the BRANCH file
cp -a "${MANIFEST} ${MANIFEST}.clean"
cp -a "${MANIFEST}" "${MANIFEST}.clean"
# create clean 2nd manifest with AU_BRANCH_2 as BRANCH
cp -a "${MANIFEST}.clean ${MANIFEST_2}.clean"
sed -i 's/BRANCH='${BRANCH}'/BRANCH='${AU_BRANCH_2}'/g' "${MANIFEST_2}.clean"
cp -a "${MANIFEST}.clean" "${MANIFEST_2}.clean"
sed -i 's/BRANCH='"${BRANCH}"'/BRANCH='"${AU_BRANCH_2}"'/g' "${MANIFEST_2}.clean"
# Add the signature to the manifest file
contrib/ \
......@@ -281,7 +281,7 @@ sign() {
# Add the signature to the the 2nd manifest file
cp -a "${MANIFEST_2}.clean ${MANIFEST_2}"
cp -a "${MANIFEST_2}.clean" "${MANIFEST_2}"
contrib/ \
"${SIGNKEY}" \
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